About These Classes

Mat Pilates is considered the foundation of Pilates work. These classes are designed to focus on and establish the principals of Pilates. These principles are concentration, control, stability, precision, flow, and perhaps most importantly, breathing. This class is a great place to start with Pilates to learn the fundamentals. Taking this class will help you ultimately get the most out of Pilates workouts that include equipment, like the reformer. We combine Classical and Progressive Pilates Mat techniques with added props such as Foam Rollers, Magic Circles, Light Weights, etc. to mix up and add resistance, which is important for bone density health. All classes at all levels are 50-55 minutes.

Our Prices


1 class: $20

6 classes: $75 • Save $7.50 per class

12 classes: $120 • Save $10 per class