Pilates Place makes Pilates accessible for everyone.

Are you looking for Pilates classes in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}? At Pilates Place, we service all members of the community in a safe environment. Pilates Place's mission is simple: To help you become the best that you can be. We want you to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Just like Joseph Pilates did with his clients, we want to help you realize how good your body is designed to feel. We want to help you feel younger, happier, and more alive. No matter where you're starting from, we can help you change your life for the better simply by moving in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}} Pilates classes. Come join us and start your path to a better life.

{{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}} Pilates classes are a marathon, not a sprint. At Pilates Place, we teach the philosophy taught by Joseph Pilates, himself:

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions." - Joseph Pilates

You will definitely feel better after even just one session, but we promise you will feel like a completely different person (younger, stronger, more flexible...happier). Especially, if you'll keep showing up and pushing your body.

Whether you want to try Pilates for the first time, attend regularly, or are a seasoned expert, we offer Pilates classes in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}} for everyone. Come exercise with a group, or enjoy a personal touch with one-on-one training sessions. Pilates Place will make you feel welcome and offers an environment to help you reach your fitness goals. Here's a look at what Pilates Place has to offer.

Group Pilates Classes in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}

Up to 8 people in a class. Classes are from Level 1 for beginners to Level 3 for more advanced students. All Level classes are for any level student. During the class, you will get a mixture of the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Chair with a mixed routine of both Classical and Progessive Pilates exercises. Each class is 50-55 minutes.

Private Pilates Classes in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}

For those needing or wanting individual training with personalized attention, Private & Semi Private Classes are specially tailored to the client regardless of level. These classes are for beginners to advance. Each class is 50-55 minutes.

The Barre in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}

Burn at the Barre™ is a superior program due to its creativity, safety and it’s limitless versatility. The latest in sculpting and toning at the Ballet Barre. These routines have been fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the Barre has to offer without the knee or low back issues.

Mat Pilates in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}

Classical and Progressive Pilates Mat with added props such as Foam Rollers, Magic Circles, Light Weights, etc. to mix up and add resistance-important for bone density. All levels are 50-55 minutes

TRX Suspension Training in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state}}

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. Because the TRX Suspension Trainer requires you to engage your core with every exercise, you get a total-body workout every time you train.